Rolling & Action Film Institute of Cinema is a film institute offering industry-oriented Degree, Diploma and Short-Term Courses for the aspiring students. These courses are well designed with a core creative and Practical proficiency for Students who wish to make a career in this field.
We offer an expansive ambit of professional training programs like film direction course, movie editing course, script writing course, television courses, acting course, etc. from which the aspirants can choose the most suitable course as per own interest.


  • B.Sc. (Cinema) + Diploma in Acting
  • B.Sc. (Cinema) + Diploma in Cinematography
  • B.Sc. (Cinema) + Diploma in Direction
  • B.Sc. (Cinema) + Diploma in Post Production
  • B.Sc. (Cinema) + Diploma in Sound Editing
  • BA (Theatre & Drama)


  • M.Sc. (Cinema) + PG Diploma in Acting
  • M.Sc. (Cinema) + PG Diploma in Cinematography
  • M.Sc. (Cinema) + PG Diploma in Direction
  • M.Sc. (Cinema) + PG Diploma in Post Production
  • M.Sc. (Cinema) + PG Diploma in Sound Editing
  • MA (Theatre & Drama)


  • Diploma in Acting for Film and TV
  • Diploma in Camera & Lighting Techniques
  • Diploma in Post Production
  • Diploma in Visual Communication
  • PG Diploma in Film and TV Production Direction


Duration: – 3 Months.

  • Acting & Presentation
  • Camera & Lighting Techniques
  • Production Direction & TV Journalism
  • Screenplay Writing
  • Video Editing & Sound Recording

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