Rolling and Action Film Institute, which has been started in Jabalpur in the year 2020. The aim of its establishment is to carve out the talents of Sanskardhani Jabalpur and its surrounding districts.  Also to provide quality and practically useful education related to the film to aspiring film professionals. The history of film shooting in Jabalpur is very old and a lot of people from Jabalpur are also working in the Mumbai film industry. Regional and Hindi language films, web series are also being continuously shot here, so present by the founders Mr. Chakreshhar Singh Surya (film director-writer-artist), Mr. Hemant Vishwakarma ( film producer/director  – artist) and Art director-writer Mr. Kabir Kori Seeing the requirements, a Rolling and Action Institute was envisaged in Jabalpur, so that local talent training After a brief film, TV and not do a better job in our media can only earn their livelihood but their names can be set. 

It is generally seen that most of the institutes are limited to giving technical education related to film and acting. If seen in Madhya Pradesh, there are very limited institutions which are giving education related to the field of art, especially film and acting. Where this education is available there is a limited number of admissions. In such a situation, where do the remaining students who want to take admission go? Due to lack of information, they get admission in such institutions whose advertisement is very attractive and the fees are high but the training available there is equally bad. 

This is not only the case in Madhya Pradesh, but even in metros like Mumbai, there are such institutes  open on the street in steps that are unable to teach you anything by charging you big money and even  if you learn something on your own. They are not able to provide you with portfolio or work. While  the Rolling and Action Film Institute (Rafi) not only provides you better education at a lower cost, it also gives an opportunity to work in the projects of the institution’s production house Rolling and Action Motion Pictures.

The founders and teachers of Rafi are themselves associated with the film world and they also provide  their own projects, as well as providing actors, instruments for local and external film projects and also see their production. In such a situation, the talent present in the institution can also get an opportunity to work. If seen, Rafi is one such name of Central India with which students and students can join in the film industry to realize their dream of making a future.

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